Atoms and Dust


Christine started writing the songs that would become Atoms and Dust - Que Verde’s latest full-length - some time ago.

As songs came together, she traveled between D.C. and New York to record the guitars, piano, ukelele, and vocals.

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Photo credit: Dennis Christians

This piano (shown right) - by its nature and experience - came to have a full, spectral sound. The song "Staring Into" was composed on this piano, which Christine is certain shaped the melody (and words) to that song. You can hear her playing this ragged beauty on the recording itself. 


Photo credit: Dennis Christians


Photo credit: Dennis Christians

On this eight-song recording, Gene Back, Christine's brother, performs a bevy of instruments (listen, for example, to the paint streaks of guitar noise early on in “Wandering Ways”). On this record, Gene plays the electric and acoustic guitars, bass, violin, mandolin, and drums, among other instruments.



Gene recorded and produced Atoms and Dust in his Fort Greene, Brooklyn studio.